Christmas Sermon Outlines – The Reason for the Season

I know that the title of this article can be misleading. You may already be an uproar. Just so we are clear, I do not mean that Christmas Sermon Outlines are the reason for the Christmas Season. In fact the title looked so misleading Musicas Evangelicas that I almost changed it. But then I realized it perfectly illustrates this point. This time of year,with all that we have going on, it is easy for us to get distracted and forget what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about us celebrating the birth of Christ. It is about us celebrating the fact God sent is only Son to the earth to live a perfect life and die for our sins. But with all the busyness it is easy for us to forget that. Even if it is not intentional, and even if we do not admit it, it can end up looking like Christmas Sermon Outlines are the reason for the season for us.

We spend the most time on what we value in life. The reality is that our actions speak louder than our words. We can say all the the words in the world we want to about what is important to us but people see our lives and know the truth. We can say that Christmas is about celebrating Christ but do our actions back it up.

How does your schedule this Christmas look. Is it jam packed with buying gifts and traveling? Are you scrambling around trying to wrap up all of the end of year paperwork and logistics? While some of these things are necessary you have to keep a balance. Some of these things are not even bad unless they take first place in your life. For example, writing Christmas Sermon Outlines that will challenge and inspire your congregation to experience life change is great, unless the writing becomes about you showing off and it dominates your time.

So this Christmas season, even if you are doing good and necessary tasks, make sure to take time to keep your priorities in check and focus on the real reason for the season.

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