How Proper Meal Planning And Nutrition Can Help Elderly Diabetics

According to statistics, some 23.1% of Americans aged 60 or older are diabetic. Elderly diabetics require a diet that is low in glycemic carbohydrates or ones that metabolize quickly. These carbohydrates can cause a spike in blood sugar so if you have to consider a diabetic’s needs when you prepare meals be aware that you are definitely not alone.

Feeding a Diabetic: Meeting the Challenge

Just because someone is a diabetic doesn’t mean they have to give up enjoying meals or feeling satisfied about what you’re eating as meals are an important part of daily life. Actually, meals planned around low glycemic foods and proteins are good for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. A home health strategy which includes good nutrition is very important. High nutrient, low glycemic food choices are a recommended part of a healthy diet for diabetics.

Preparation Tips for Low Glycemic Foods

1. Fresh omelets are a great way to begin the day or having a bowl of cream of wheat, bran flakes, muesli or steel cut oatmeal served with yogurt or skim milk works as well.

2. Using a tortilla wrap instead of white bread Meal prep UK may be a change for many diabetics but serving those with chili or beans for lunch is a healthy change. Split peas and lentils, limas or kidney beans are all low glycemic index foods. Believe it or not canned salmon is actually a better choice than canned tuna.

3. One way to eat healthier is to replace high starch foods like pizza and pasta with whole grain alternatives like brown rice, quinoa or mullet that are high in protein, especially when served with steamed vegetables like corn, broccoli and carrots that have a low glycemic index as well.

4. Low glycemic fruits are a great alternative to sugars for a sweet tooth. Bananas, cherries, pears, Peaches and strawberries are both low glycemic fruits.

There are lots of great food choices for elderly diabetics. Websites like the Mayo Clinic site have lots of great recipes for great meals based around low glycemic foods.

Finding Help

Regardless of whether your loved one can handle meal preparation on their own or whether they need someone to prep meals for them, there are caregiver organizations that can provide complete support and companionship with meal prep and planning included. Being a diabetic of any age doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good food and an enjoyable meal environment. It merely means that they have to take the initiative and change their nutritional habits to make sure all meals and snacks are totally healthy.

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